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Some Poyums

A Load Of Young Nonsense

Chik has a book of poyums out now on Kindle. It's called A Load Of Young Nonsense and the poyums range from traditional nonsense verse in the style of Edward Lear and Lewis Carroll, through poyums which are nearly quite clever, to poyums which are just very, very silly.a picture showing the cover of the book: A Load Of Young Nonsense by Chik J Duncan

Oh, very silly.

The book also includes a puzzling puzzled illustration and a wee bit of background information on each of the poyums.

If you have ever been exasperated by your children asking yet another question about something like how to behave in a foreign country which doesn't exist or why they're not allowed to teach their grandmother to suck eggs or what Philosophy is then, be warned, this book will probably just encourage them.

If we're lucky.

To give you a taster of what's in the book Chik got Soundman Simon to help him record three of the poyums and you can listen to them by following the links below. They're all in .wav format.

You might notice that a couple of words are different in the recording of Nnuffig To Worry About from the version in the book. Chik's allowed to do that because it's his book.

If you have a Kindle or a Kindle app for certain devices, you can buy these poyums immediately for £1.92. Just click on the picture (opens in a new window) and you'll find yourself up the Amazon.
Oo-er, missus.

And meanwhile, here are two poyums for free. These two are not in the book. Chik is so generous.

That Tree Just Dripped On Me

That tree
That tree
That tree just dripped on me.

The rain had stopped but suddenlee
I felt a wet drop on my knee
I looked all round. What could it be?
Then I looked up and above me
I saw the branch, the branch of the tree

And that was the tree that dripped on me.

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Rosannina Fratelli's Bathtime

Rosannina Fratelli took off a wellie.
Rosannina Fratelli's feet were smelly
And people held each other's noses
As pungent pongs came from her toeses.

"O, Mum", she said, "I've been all runny
Around the garden, now a funny
Niff is coming from my wellies.
Please spray my feet with fragrant smellies."

"Just smellies will not do, I fear,",
Said Mum, "You need a bath, my dear."
And off she marched young Rosannina
To room of bath to make her cleaner.

Then turn of tap. Then sploosh of water.
Then Mum dipped in her grubby daughter,
Holding her gently by the ears.
"I'm not going near those feet. No fears."

With scrubble bubble sponge and soap
Her mum and dad both said "We hope
The grime will come off and we pray
That then the smell will go away."

And so it did, and before long
Her tootsies sang a different song
Of lavender and roses red
And sleepy smells to take to bed.


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