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Stories, Poyums & Fun

The Smelly Wellie Tele Show is a family funtime of stories, poyums and fun for children, but grown-ups will be tolerated as long as they eat their ice-cream before they even think of having any vegetables. The show usually lasts about 50 minutes and features brilliant acting, a wee bit of shouting, and sometimes the odd mouthful of Barr's Irn Bru.

Stories a picture of a job advert in a newspaper: Assistant Strawberry Manager

Excuse me! Chik does not tell stories. He always tells the truth.

Oh OK, he sometimes makes the truth a bit more entertaining. Although sometimes the truth is quite entertaining itself without any help. Like that job advert there. That's a real job and if you ask Chik nicely, he might tell you a story about it.

a still frame from the video of Chik's performance of I Wonder, Wondered Pangur Bán

And here's a new one, 22nd August 2015


A wee piece of Scottish story telling filmed at The Bakehouse. The story was inspired by a 9th century poem usually referred to either as The Scholar And His Cat or Pangur Bán. The original poem is written in Medieval Gaelic but the story is told in English.

Watch the video, length 4.37. (opens in new window)


What is a poyum? Is a poyum always a poem? Is it ever a poem?

If you like you can read some poyums here and make up your own mind.


Chik has another Web site which he's still working on. (He's still working on this one too, but just pretend you didn't notice.) He's going to put games and stuff on the other one but it's not quite ready yet. You can visit it if you like. But it's not quite ready yet.